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jyunkin said,

5-2-2007 in 06:54:38 at    

What model of Marshall u tried MG 30DFX ?

how abiut Roland CUBE-15/30 ?

i think most M’sian fancy about Roland or Marshall :)

Epong said,

5-7-2007 in 07:10:38 at    


i’m not sure.. it has been years since i tried that marshall amp.. can’t remember which model..

and yes.. i haven’t found many malaysians who like Peavey amps.. and it’s hard to find it here too..

fahri said,

7-2-2007 in 07:19:17 at    

seting effect zoom_gfx5??? swara lEAD,??? gi mn???

guridi98 said,

8-30-2007 in 07:58:45 at    

I totally agree with you Epong. when I bought my amp last time, I was looking for power range of 50 to 60W.
I compared Marshall and Peavey. I forgot the model of the Marshall but around the same power range. Marshall is obviously expensive but not so effective with single coil. I tried with Peavey studio 112, I’m attracted to it due to much lower price and its more ballsy. After been using it in and out then I’m amazed by its strength. With the low EQ, i could make a guitar bass sound out of my electric guitar. The distortion makes me forget about all my distortion effects I’ve bought. With Peavey studio 112, I only add all the modulation effects like, flanger,equalizer,superchorus and digital delay. But I guess the exploding sound also comes from the pickup on my ibanez guitar. I’m using Dimarzio Fast Track on neck and Tone Zone on bridge.

dcttan said,

9-4-2007 in 05:37:00 at    

I am based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Looking to buy a Peavey between 120W to 250W. Anyone knows the contact of the dealer for Peavey in Malaysia (KL or KK)? Anyone selling second hand?

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