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7 Users Responsed To " Kena tag?? Lagi??? "

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mdnaza said,

6-9-2008 in 04:58:55 at    

aku ada sket suggestion.
1) kalau ada video lesson yang sempat ko buat, just letak aje…simple & sempoi pun tak pe…if not link ke video lesson others people punya…cam lesson
Don’t Cry (solo) – yng penting ko paste sket GP5 solo tab…explain sket2…nie pentatonic scale dia pakai guna AM, ada bend, slide, hammer-on..bla..bla..bla
takpun letak mp3 file instead of video file…

yng penting user leh tengok cara main solo and they have to PRACTICE to get it…cam website

2) mungkin ko bleh citer pasal guitar effect sket…kasi tunjuk demo…

brand yang aku guna pun brand Behringer (ko bleh check kat
-Blues Overdrive, Digital Delay, Ultra Tremolo, Ultra Wah ke Hell Babe (wah2) ke.

3) atau ko buat camni…Solo Pembakar Perasaan cth..sesapa nak kasi contribution video/GP5 ke bla..bla..bla..(nie just idea)

4) nnt aku pikirkan….

wa'ah said,

6-9-2008 in 05:07:43 at    

tag aku balik..kurang asam

mala said,

6-9-2008 in 05:50:27 at    

life is unfair, dear brother.

Epong said,

6-9-2008 in 06:41:25 at    

padan muko.. muahahahahah!
unfair indeed.. heheh!

Epong said,

6-9-2008 in 06:49:27 at    

thanks for the link.
(1) author of that blog memang commit gila! cool site! updated almost daily! unfortunately aku takleh nak commit regular video update camtu – kalu buat jugak kang, ade la anak2 aku enter frame la, pastu kang dgr ade org komplen suruh jaga anak ke ape ke.. heheheh!
(2) recording time aku biasanya time lunch weekdays, which aku kena travel back 30km from the office, barely have enough time to warm-up, then travel back to work.. minyak pun dah naik harga.. so, benda ni takleh nak practise lagi.
(3) the only solution i can find is, record malam lepas suma org tido, but i have to channel the audio to soundcard. then aku kena sync audio and video.. tapi video memang nampak gelapsss..
(4) nevertheless i would try to come up with the new video in the near future…

mdnaza said,

6-9-2008 in 07:01:14 at    

slow2 man…

Hafiz said,

6-9-2008 in 11:35:58 at    

huh??abg epong….nape name saya up kat “5 ORANG YANG ANDA MAHU TAG”???..saya lum ada blog mau kasi isi da…hehehe…

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