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5 Users Responsed To " An Interview with Karl – part 1: CROMOK "

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khys said,

2-14-2008 in 06:16:51 at    

great, thanks!

Nadia said,

2-15-2008 in 00:19:32 at    

Hi bro,
Thanks for informing us about this iv. Fyi, we’ve done a few other similar interviews with the band for our articles in ROTTW some time ago (saya kipas-susah-mati Cromok sebenonye!hehehe…).
Anyway, great link you’ve here. Keep on ‘singgah’ at ours ye?;-)

Epong said,

2-15-2008 in 00:29:26 at    

Cheers Nadia, and thanks for your time visiting this blog! although this blog is more dedicated to guitar lessons.. bro Karl interview might be the first of many.. i’ll be more than happy to collaborate with you regarding the temuborak! heheheh!

WinGs said,

2-17-2008 in 03:27:34 at    

aku nak tanye ni..karl ni name mlayu die sape..???mat puck( mohd fathil )aku denga gitaris ori keromok ..sape pulak tu..??skrang ade lagi kat osteralia..

Karl – (Khairul) Anuar Sharif. not sure about the name Khairul though. Dalam satu website ni profile die ade Khairul. tapi dalam email signature die just ‘Anuar Shariff’..

Mat Puck guitarist Cromok during their garage and club days. Professionally, bro Karl is the guitarist.

Epong said,

2-18-2008 in 00:58:43 at    

the reply is in grey

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