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6 Users Responsed To " BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! "

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youknowwho said,

1-15-2008 in 04:14:11 at    

yeah….we’re not worthy!! schwing!!

Epong said,

1-15-2008 in 04:37:05 at    

schwing! schwing!

Hafiz said,

1-15-2008 in 06:28:39 at    

huh???giler arrrr…dapat jumpa karl..bukan senang tu…untung btul abg epong nie…hehehe….tlong ambikkan autograf die skali leh???hehehehe

youknowwho said,

1-16-2008 in 00:46:44 at    

get the autograph, scan and publish ok?
tu baru scwhing betul!!

Epong said,

1-16-2008 in 05:59:06 at    

i’m not meeting him laaa.. didn’t i mention that?

Hafiz said,

1-16-2008 in 11:07:24 at    

huh???x cakap pong….aduh…hampeh da…..

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