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9 Users Responsed To " Yui Makino – You Are My Love "

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Net said,

7-12-2007 in 03:24:47 at    

lagu rock ke nih.. ahaksss..

Epong said,

7-13-2007 in 00:34:27 at    

dongar lu net.. jauh bezo dari rock.. heheheh! classical tuu! nak convert jadik metal pun boleh.. neo classical.. heheh

max sharp said,

7-17-2007 in 08:50:27 at    

Epong…..aku nk request lagu langsuir liar – Rusty blade

mia said,

7-19-2007 in 20:15:16 at    

ni lagu bdk kecik nyanyi ker? u know it’s sound like cuty is singing…

psykoseow said,

9-26-2007 in 10:37:09 at    

nicely done!
gosh was looking for this song for quite some time…
but i have the japanese version of the song…
for those who doesn’t know what song is this..
it is from the OST of a japanese anime call chronicles of tsubasa!
cheerz mate!

Epong said,

9-27-2007 in 01:04:13 at    

no probs man.. glad i can help..

den said,

9-29-2007 in 01:19:14 at    

nak open file tu pakai ape

Epong said,

10-1-2007 in 00:59:04 at    

software Guitar Pro 5..

Hafiz said,

11-29-2007 in 00:34:46 at    

waaa… bisawat practice ni…bleh la pikat awek…hehehe

apapepun lgu ada class!!!!

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