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endru said,

9-4-2007 in 16:13:48 at    

i dare to swear that i like ur site.damn good,impressive and to my disbeleive,so sincere in giving tips n help. i dont mind buying u drink anytime


Epong said,

9-5-2007 in 06:02:41 at    

endru man.. thanks man.. just stay with the blog ok? more will come next starting next month.. and again.. thanks man! appreciate it very much!!

emi88 said,

9-28-2007 in 10:11:46 at    

hi..sori menyibuk,,tp sy x phm gak r,,adei..adakah kita mase solo tu kita tkar not yg same bil kord gtar pun btukar?i need explantion..kalo lh biar ade mp3 or video(paling bgus),,so org len yg beginer mcm sy dpt phm..

Epong said,

10-1-2007 in 00:58:16 at    

not necessarily.. i mean.. tak semestinya kalu tukar chord, note solo pun kena ikut tukar gak, asalkan chord dan solo tu obey scale..

matyo said,

6-11-2010 in 18:02:55 at    

krnye aslkn root ngn ending msk ngn scale..kre solo 2 ngam la bro??ke cmne??sory tnye..

Epong said,

9-17-2010 in 17:51:21 at    

definition ‘masuk scale’ tu, kalau kita main spesifik punya Chord Progression, solo MESTI main Scale yg berkaitan ngan Chord Progression.
Chords, A minor, C, F, and G..
Ni Scale A Minor (atau C Major). Main solo yang dalam scale ni, nescaya ‘masuk scale’.
Kalau tak tau scale A Minor macamana, baca balik guide kat atas tu utk create scale.

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